Moldavite mushroom pendant

Moldavite mushroom pendant

A beautiful Moldavite cabochon set in fine silver with a stunning AAA quality Tanzanite set into the top of the mushroom. 

If you haven't heard about Moldavite you are probably wondering what is this green rock. Moldavite insn't acctually a rock it is a tektite, a tektite is glass that has naturally formed from astral debris.
15 million years ago a meteorite hit in what today is know as the Czec Republic. Some people say it was sent to earth to help us asscend and spiritually grow. Others beleive it is linked to aliens. But what is undeniable is how powerful and how much this tektite can shake your world. Many people when first touching Moldavite come over in what is know as the Moldavite flush, where your body gets waves of heat. Others get tingles run up their arms. At first it can be overwhelming and is advised not to wear daily until you are used to it.

Technically Moldavite is rarer than Diamonds and is no longer mined so prices have sky rocketed over the last few years as people have become aware of its great power.

This pendant comes with a 16 - 18 inch adjustable silver chain

Hand made with fine silver